Believe In Magic

I told those who had come that I would not post anything about the trip. Honestly, I still would not do so. I would just like to express a little disappointment that some close to my heart miss the "magic." But for those who did come and catch the magic with us. It was indeed AMAZING! Thank you for letting Brad and I share the blessings of the sea with you.

----- (This should be a long paragraph, but the experience is best kept in our souls.) -----

Someday soon, I will shoot another invitation. Who knows what kind of magic the ocean will let you and I witness. Until then, enjoy the fast life.

One Shore. One Skim. One Love.

Capturing moments is one thing. Sifting through them, and then collating into a spot-on video is another thing. It's been more than a year. Blame everything else. *insert Jene's favourite sticker here* 

An exceptional thanks to Freddy Alan Uy for the photos during the event. You are THE skimboarding photographer of the Philippines.

Joyat Skim and Dance

Let's not push it and ask for more of him in bikinis. We like Joyat this way. Pure fun and funny. Enjoy.

Fun That, Swannies!

Ode To Dahican Nights

Because this tower is gone. :(

In Status Quo

It's been awhile. Lost is the right word. Hiatus? Way overrated to even describe it. Coming to a point of surrender, more of acceptance, is a credit to bravery or honour as pride or confidence has decided to stand down. Somehow there is that dry spell, which is so compelling to declare an end.

Yeah, right! For how many times this predicament springs out of nowhere? Countless, just to find out there are ways back like flipping to another clean page. Perhaps an inspiration or two has helped.

So, here it goes. Yet another page. Or, designs. A tribute to good friends.

The first design represents how dimensional all things could become in events of change.

The second is an outright dedication to all the skimboarders who are so perfect on the waves, but do not have the chance to be known like those handful few. Professional or not, they are our heroes. Heroes with flaws assigned by life. Here's to you 'AntiHero.'

Do you want to wear this proud? Contact Teted.

A Change of Tide

What happen to Padagata? It has changed (again). I have started this website in support of the grassroots skimboarding in the Philippines. I have dedicated the concept and the cause to my friends, who are now more busy with life rather than skimboarding. They have taught me so much humility and charity, that I have decided to extend those values through Padagata and The SkimLove Project.

Being in Australia does not help serve the purpose of Padagata anymore. As much as I want to continue, the pursuit is difficult. Although I will still extend help, it is by far more limited, unfortunately.

Yet, I am grateful that Padagata has gained more meaning, as the beach lifestyle is very dominant down under. The waves are breathtaking, and the shoreline holds more than enough room for everyone. I cannot help but shout, Padagata! (translation: let's go the beach!)

Yes, indeed! This is a new adventure.