In Status Quo

It's been awhile. Lost is the right word. Hiatus? Way overrated to even describe it. Coming to a point of surrender, more of acceptance, is a credit to bravery or honour as pride or confidence has decided to stand down. Somehow there is that dry spell, which is so compelling to declare an end.

Yeah, right! For how many times this predicament springs out of nowhere? Countless, just to find out there are ways back like flipping to another clean page. Perhaps an inspiration or two has helped.

So, here it goes. Yet another page. Or, designs. A tribute to good friends.

The first design represents how dimensional all things could become in events of change.

The second is an outright dedication to all the skimboarders who are so perfect on the waves, but do not have the chance to be known like those handful few. Professional or not, they are our heroes. Heroes with flaws assigned by life. Here's to you 'AntiHero.'

Do you want to wear this proud? Contact Teted.

A Change of Tide

What happen to Padagata? It has changed (again). I have started this website in support of the grassroots skimboarding in the Philippines. I have dedicated the concept and the cause to my friends, who are now more busy with life rather than skimboarding. They have taught me so much humility and charity, that I have decided to extend those values through Padagata and The SkimLove Project.

Being in Australia does not help serve the purpose of Padagata anymore. As much as I want to continue, the pursuit is difficult. Although I will still extend help, it is by far more limited, unfortunately.

Yet, I am grateful that Padagata has gained more meaning, as the beach lifestyle is very dominant down under. The waves are breathtaking, and the shoreline holds more than enough room for everyone. I cannot help but shout, Padagata! (translation: let's go the beach!)

Yes, indeed! This is a new adventure.

Beach Chow: Tuna Tortilla

2 pcs. eggs
1/2 cup chopped onion
95g tuna (small can)
50g chopped English spinach
1 tsp. chopped coriander
2 pcs. tortillas
1 tbsp. olive oil
salt and pepper to taste

1. Beat the eggs with the onions and coriander.  Add salt and pepper as you prefer.
2. Heat the olive oil in the frying pan. Pour the eggs in. Let it cook for a minute.
3. Add the spinach and the tuna into the pan. Stir it in until everything is cooked.
4. Microwave the tortillas for 30 seconds.
5. Place the tuna mixture on the tortilla, and wrap.

Keeping it in the family

Stoke is way over the moon. Little Connor is keeping up with his Uncle Brad. It's his first attempt, and he already has the drop, the poise, and the eagerness to ride some swells. It's a new beach adventure for Connor.

Let's go to the beach and skimboard!

Jurien Bay Easter Thrills

For some people the holy week is the time of utter abstinence from the world up until Easter Sunday, but for most, it is like Christmas holiday somewhere else. A chance for a getaway from the demands of everyday existence.

Jurien Bay is one of those Easter destinations in Western Australia, more or less 225km from Perth. It is a great venue to take the whole family, even including rellies of rellies. For Brad, Jurien is a nostalgic place of his childhood. And, there is so much beach adventure in such a small fishing town:

Jetty jump off. Not enough fun from charging into the water from the jetty, kids and adults alike.

Fishing, swimming (with the lotsa fish) and skimboarding. Patience is really a key factor.

Dive into the sky, land on the shore. For the adrenaline junkies and those who would dare.

DETOUR: The Pinnacles, Nambung National Park. 
A drive through into a mysterious spectacle of nature.

If you plan to experience a beach adventure on the Turquoise Coast, plan it way ahead, like a year or more. The local accommodations sell like hotcakes, whether you intend to get a chalet or a space in the caravan park.

Let's go to the beach to celebrate Easter!

Beach adventure in seven kilos

How much do you pack for a beach holiday far from home?

There is no template in packing light, really. It is always "to each his own (bag)," just like each one has his or her own needs. Your travel essentials will always differ from the person you are sitting next to in a flight, a bus ride, etc.

Backpacking is not travelling light. Please do not equate travel light or a light travel with backpacking, because a backpack can carry as much as your biggest luggage at 30 kilos a chuck at the check-in counter. Remember that a kilo is equal to a liter, as backpacks are often described by liter capacity. Unless of course, you stick with seven kilos for your whole trip regardless where you are going, or how long will you be gone for. See, travelling with a backpack at seven kilos allows you to hold on to your stuff even when a situation requires you to run. Plus you still have your hands to grab unto anything or anyone in case you need assistance from point A to point B. Generally, a backpack is best for a light and fast travel, especially if you are beachbound.

Stretch packing to 10 kilos. Get at least a backpack with a 10L capacity. Why? So it will hold your handbag that contains the other three kilos, if you later prefer to only carry one bag. Always consider a big tote bag, because it will always pass as a handbag or just the bag that holds your laptop and other gadgets. Remember that a laptop is often around two to three kilos. Airlines usually allow one carry-on (your main bag or backpack) and a laptop bag. A small handbag, with all your important stuff, is not even counted as part of your baggage allowance, although you might want to put that inside your big tote bag while in the airport. Besides, the tote bag will eventually serve as your beach bag.

Gadgetry Allowance. Do you really need to bring a laptop? Do you really need to leash yourself with the bulk of a DSLR? Think a million times. If you have a tablet, bring that instead. If you have a smart phone, do away with the big camera. You can even bring just the smart phone to replace both the laptop and the camera. Just so you know, the gadgets always eat up the baggage allowance of a light travel. Read a book. Use a pen and a notebook to take accounts of your journey. Enjoy the beach. Swim. Dip. Dose off under the sun. Surf. Etc.

100mL and Ziplocked. This is a no-brainer. But then again, you might forget. Give yourself a total of 500mL to one liter allowance for the liquids in your toiletry bag, otherwise lose the liquids. There will always be shampoo, sunscreen, or mouthwash where you are heading, unless you need particular products.

Sports Equipment glitch. When you are traveling with a surfboard, bodyboard, skimboard, or just any other watersport board, take advantage of the 15 kilos that come with the sports equipment allowance. Extra kilos are guaranteed after the total weight of the board, assuming you will only bring one board. Put your clothes in the boardbag. They will even serve as a protection for the board. You can even place liquids more than 100mL (zip-locked) in it too. But still, stick to the basics of seven kilos. You do not want to be carrying a lot, do you?

The point of seven kilos is to avoid the check-in counters; to be able to carry everything around without much of a hassle; most of all, to be secure, knowing you have your stuff with you all the time. After all, you are going to the beach.

Let's go to the beach in seven kilos!

Sculpture by the Sea at Cottesloe Beach

Personal top five at the Sculpture by the Sea in Cottesloe Beach
(random order, 'cannot decide which comes first)

Ben Fasham, jewel de la mer. A reprensentation of the fact that the ocean holds a lot of treasures in its bosom, more likely in its bottom. Such wealth is protected by the water through its depth and waves. Jewel de la mer translates to jewel of the sea.
Blaze Krstanoski-Blazeski, h2o manifested. Water has a form as it has its own memory, but all of which depends on the life that it has encountered. Do you know that the ocean remember if you have been swimming in it before?
Madeline Clare, being alive. A perfect expression of life. Everyone is in a certain box, which might be bigger or smaller than the other. Which box are you in? Yet, there will always be something bigger than you or your box. The complicated and chaotic web of strings (not that visible in the photo) represents how everybody is interconnected. There will always be a chance of an association or even a network. The Internet is a very logical explanation. Being alive is accepting there is a greater something out there as we are interlinked with other lives.
Ayad Alqaragholli, habibi. The artist has explained this as a replica of the coming together of two culture. The way I see it, this is marriage. A union of a man and a woman holding unto an eternal promise of making in and out the cycle or circle of life.
Cave Urban, mengenang (memory). This is dedicated to the lives lost in the 2002 Bali Bombing. The sculpture makes a sound. Each one of the sticks has a different sound, and altogether they seem to make music as the wind breeze through. An optimism for the victims' families: It is all going to be okay.